Farming Page UI and Description

Visit the farming page here

On this page, you can also switch the page theme to dark or light by clicking the dark/light button on the top far right corner. There are many buttons to interact with, on this page. These are;

  • List your project button - any project can get listed on our farms, by clicking this button and filling out the application form. You can also fill out the form here.

  • Liquidity pools menu - You can switch to the v1 and v2 pools by clicking on this dropdown menu.

  • Staking pools menu - Here you can switch and stake on v1 and v2.

  • Unlock Button - Onclick, this button opens your farm pool where you can deposit and harvest.

  • Approve and Deposit Button - These are buttons that will allow you to add LP successfully on the farms. Clicking approves button will allow the farm to deduct 10 RGP tokens as fees. You cannot proceed without clicking this button first if you want to stake tokens. The deposit button is what you need to click next to deposit your tokens to the farm.

  • Harvest Button - This button enables you to harvest your accumulated RGP tokens from the farms.

  • Fee display - This displays the minimum fee to stake on the farms. The fee is always 10RGP.

  • Auto-Harvest button - The auto-harvest button enables you to set an auto harvest for the farm.

How To Farm on SmartSwap Dapp

Visit this link to go to the farming page

There are five(5) farming pools on V2, namely:

  1. RGP-BNB



  4. AXS-RGP


Whatever you need here is a respective liquidity pool to stake. If you need to stake RGP-BNB you will need to have RGP-BNB liquidity. After that, click on the unlock button on the farm and view the interface.

You will see the minimum fee required for farming.

Click on approve button and confirm on your wallet. The buttons will now change to unstake and deposit, click on deposit and input amount of LP, you can also click max to select all LP.

Then click confirm.

Your LP will be staked on the farm.

Now relax and earn easily even while you are away or asleep.

How To Harvest.

Go to the farm page and click unlock button.

You will see the earned RGP, click on the harvest button and confirm on your wallet.

Wait for the confirmation and once the transaction is successful, the RGP harvested will be deposited in your wallet.

You are done.

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