P2P DApp: Mobile Version

A. The Rigel Protocol P2P DApp is a decentralized peer to peer non-custodial trading platform where Merchants can buy and sell Cryptocurrency.
Fig. 1.0 P2P DApp
B. What does the P2P DApp help users achieve?
  • Direct exchange of crypto to fiat(150+ currencies).
  • Direct exchange of fiat(150+ currencies) to crypto.
  • Ease of crypto accessibility.
  • Come into crypto with any fiat currency.
C. How does it work?
  • Trader Bob wants to buy $RGP, Bob has just USD. Using the P2P DApp, Bob can easily buy $RGP or any token with USD.
  • Trader Ben wants to sell $ROUTE for fiat, Ben can easily convert $ROUTE to fiat in seconds.
Fig. 1.1 How does it work?
D. Benefits of being a Merchant on the P2P DApp
  • Access to buyers.
  • Non-custodial.
  • Time based trades.
  • Trade edits - Set price flexibility.
  • Profits frim high trade volumes.
  • Decentralized dispute resolutions.
  • Enjoy the full WEB3 experience.
    Fig. 1.2 Benefits of a Merchant
E. User and Merchant Video:
Fig. 1.3 User and Merchant Video