SmartBid DApp

SmartBid Documentation
The Smartbid is one of the best DApps in the Blockchain industry. This document contains how to place a bid on the Rigel protocol Smart bid.
How winners are picked for the Smartbid ?
The Smartbid Dapp feature isn't based on luck, but on the highest and most determined bidders. So become a winner on any bidding events. All you have to do it out bid other bidders.
Three Highest bidders based on amounts are winners. Again, a selected numbers of random winners(5-20 participants) are again selected.
Tutorial Video :
Step 1: Go to the Dapps Link.
Step 2: Click “Dapps”, and click on SmartBid.
Step 3: Connect your Metamask wallet to the Dapp.
Step 4: Click and view one of the events that are presently live.
Step 5: Read the instructions.
Step 6: Confirm and approve eligibility to place bid.
Step 7: Place a Bid.
Step 8: Transaction Successful
Step 9: Claim your Reward
How to place a bid in Events and Claim Rewards