Create a Sell Ad


A. How to Sell by Creating a Sell Order

Step 1: Create a Sell Ad - Click on "Create a sell order" to create a Sell Ad.

Step 2: Trade Type and Price - Fill in details for type of trade, Crypto you want to sell, the Fiat currency you want to sell the Crypto in, and set to Fixed Price or Floating Price.

Step 3: Approved Quantity - Add specifications for Approved Quantity and Trade Limit and click on "Approve RGP"

Step 4: Approve RGP on Wallet

Step 5: Payment Method - Add bank account details and specify payment time limit, and click on "Next".

Step 6: Automated Response - Add specific details that will be displayed to users as "Automated Response" and "Trade conditions" when they engage your ad.

Step 7: Confirm Ad details - View overall Ad details and confirm before clicking on "Confirmed, Post Ad" to post Ad.

Step 8: Ad created successfully

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