Steps to use the MinePad

Step 1: Click on the link: and click on the "MinePad" button on the Navigation bar to access the MinePad Homepage.
Fig 1.0 MinePad Homepage
Step 2: Click on the "SEE MORE INFORMATION" button to see more details on the ongoing token investment on the MinePad.
Fig. 2.0 See More Details
Step 3: Click on "INVESTMENT" to make your first investment on the MinePad. Click on "APPROVE" to approve transaction, confirm transaction on your Wallet, when transaction is confirmed on the Blockchain, go ahead to click on "DEPOSIT" to make investment, type in the cell the amount of token you want to invest and confirm transaction on your Wallet.
Fig. 3.0 Input token amount to deposit
Fig. 3.1 Deposit transaction loading
Step 4: View "Total Staked" under the "INVESTMENT" tab to view total amount successfully staked.
Fig. 4.0 Total Amount Staked
Step 5: Have an overview of your investment details so you can be data informed on the trajectory of your investment - view transaction details under the "STATISTICS" tab.
Fig. 5.0 Statistics
Step 6: Use the "MINE NOW" button to mine your Daily ROI Amount, and use the "WITHDRAW PROFIT" to withdraw 20% allowable Profits.
Fig. 6.0 Mine and Withdraw
Fig. 6.1 Mining Tokens
Fig. 6.2 Withdraw Profits
Step 7: Click on the "TOKEN VESTING" tab to view the details of your token vested for a period, and click on "CLAIM REWARD" to claim vested tokens.
Fig 7.0 Token Vesting
Fig. 7.1 Withdraw Allocation
Step 8: Click on the "REFERRAL MENU" and click on "Referral link" to access the Referral link, you can copy and share the referral link to receive 7% of tokens from your referrals that invest in projects. Also, to claim amount earned on Referrals, click on the "CASHOUT REFERRAL REWARD" button and cash out referral rewards.
Note : You have to invest for you to earn referral bonuses...
Fig. 8.0 Referral Menu
Fig. 8.1 Referral link