🎅Smartswap Rigel NFT


A lot of features and use cases for our NFTs;

---| Backed by proof of work

---| Use NFTs to work at Rigel jobs

---| Earn rewards on NFTs

---| NFTs will be featured in our games

---| Automated liquidity for NFTs

---| Arts getting features in our Metaverse world

---| Rent NFTs

---| Farming pools available for NFTs |

Where to buy Rigel Protocol NFTs

Find video link on this topic here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15NQM8ASH8JxMVOTbAlMbsawb-QsYwNo8/view?usp=sharing

How to buy Rigel Protocol NFTs

  1. Click on https://smartswap.rigelprotocol.com/#/, when the page opens, click on the "LaunchDApp" button.

  2. Navigate to NFT on the navigation bar.

2. Scroll down to view all NFTs available.

3. Select your best NFT to purchase, for example, the NFT below.

4. View the NFT by clicking the view NFT button.

5. Click the buy NFT and select the crypto to buy with. You will be given 2 options of BUSD and USDT only. Swap other cryptos to these cryptocurrencies on our SmartSwap dApp here smartswap.rigelprotocol.com

6. Approve the transaction and confirm on the Metamask pop-up. Now click the BUY button and confirm on the Metamask pop-up as shown below.

7. For a successful transaction, the below window will be shown;

8. For an unsuccessful transaction, the below window will be shown.

What can bring about an unsuccessful Transactions:

  • Not enough amount for purchase.

  • Not enough BNB for fees.

  • Low/no network connection.

  • Multiple transactions at once. This might be brought up by clicking the BUY button more than once.

  • DApp bugs( this is rare/ less often).

For persisting bugs encountered, you can forward queries and inquiries to our support on our communication channels on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and our official support Email address, this is so the bugs can be filed and resolved accordingly.

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