Influencer User Tutorial

This tutorial will guide you as an influencer on how to use the Rigel Protocol Gifting DAPP.

Influencers will be able to use all the functionalities of our Gifting Dapp within their platforms and include their ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens as rewards. A one-time fee of 10 $RGP will be charged for each Campaign.

For every Campaign purchased, the Influencer will receive as a Bonus a free post across Rigel Protocol Channels (Twitter and Telegram) which will increase dramatically the engagement from the community, meaning more traction.

Influencer Reward Giver

Step by step Guide:

  1. Open

  2. Choose network: Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain

  3. Connect wallet as shown on Connect Wallet page

  4. Choose the "For influencer" tab and click on "Get Started"

5. Pay the 10RGP or buy RGP tokens so you can pay.

6. Set up your profile to continue to the next step, when done click on "Save and Continue"

7. Fill in Influencer details on the form provided and click on "save and Continue".

8. List your social media links and verify game players follow you.

9. At the "Game Setup" section, fill the form with the token rewards amounts intended for the campaign, choose the Spinning Wheel format (8 or 12 slots), the amounts on each slot and click on "Preview Spin" to see how the event will look like, or "Create Event" to let it go live.

10. You will be prompted to pay the service fee (10 $RGP) after clicking on "Create Event", click on "Confirm" and submit payment, after the transaction is confirmed by the network, a rewards panel becomes available

11. You will be prompted from your wallet to confirm the transaction(s) as per the details submitted on the step above.‌

12. After tx is confirmed, a dashboard page is created with a campaign-unique shareable link. Then you are all set to share this amazing Gifting Campaign with the world!‌

  • Unspent tokens can be claimed back by the influencer after the end of the Campaign.

Influencer Reward Receiver

Step by step Guide:

  1. Open

  2. Choose network; Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain

  3. Connect your wallet as shown on the Connect Wallet page.

  4. Click on 'events'. You will be led to a page shown below;

Please NOTE that when you connect to Binance Smart Chain, you will only be able to claim rewards from the Binance Smart Chain network. The same applies to the Ethereum Smart Chain. Once you get an error as shown below, please connect to the substitute network and try again.

5. Click the claim button from which you will be required to input your Twitter and Telegram username. Again, confirm that you are following the influencer's accounts, that is, on Twitter and Telegram.

6. Now you will be subjected to spin to claim your reward. The Gift claimed will be added to your wallet.

You can spin as long as you have available spins, to get more spins, click the get more spins button where you will be given your referral link to share or buy more spins. One referral earns you one spin.

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