Auto-Period feature description
Our Auto-time features enables you to invest in any crypto of your choice. Our Dapp helps you to buy specific crypto with a predefined amount at your preferred period (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly).
You can Efficiently execute market making with our auto period feature on any Defi Token pair.
Step 1: Click on to get started with this feature.
Step 2: Click on the Auto-price feature.
Step 3: Select a wallet to perform your transaction.
Step 4: Select the token you want to set Auto-time for and the token you want to swap. After selecting the token, choose the amount you want to set auto-time for.
Step 5: Set the auto-time. The price can be set below or above. You can also choose your desired duration(Min, hours, or day).
Step 6: Send Transaction
You only have to do it once.
Step 7: Process successful
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